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06/02/2012 10:54
The video is in!  Check it out.  James stitched together shots of the launch, flight and landing.  You can see a plane pass by during the ascent, a few mountains and the blackness of space.  Click on the link on the home page or watch it in the Photogallery.  Enjoy!

Mountains Photographed

05/31/2012 21:43
Check out the Photogallery.  I blew up a couple of the stills.  You can see Mt. Baker, the Cascade Range, the Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier!

Flight Data Section

05/28/2012 19:00
I'll begin to publish some of the findings of the flight once we look at the data.  Check out the Flight Data section to see what we are finding.  The first question we asked was, "How close did the capsule land to the predicted location?"   We also discovered today that we got...

Successful Launch!

05/26/2012 23:12
Today we successfully launched the balloon at 10:00 AM at Blue Heron State Park near Moses Lake.  We had to change the launch site since the winds were going to carry the balloon westerly towards the Cascades instead of easterly.  The balloon disappeared into the sky and...

Launch Date Moved

05/24/2012 11:26
We are now planning the launch for Saturday morning May 26th.  The weather around Quincy looks to be clearest that day and winds are still reasonable.  As I write this update, the fam is flying to Seattle to meet James.  We plan to pick up the helium this afternoon...

Thermal Studies

05/07/2012 21:24
How many handwarmers should we put in the capsule?  Check out the thermal studies section.


05/07/2012 19:15
Yes, check out the new Links section.  There are a few videos of those that have gone on before us and have shown us the way!

Visitors notice

05/06/2012 15:40
Check out this news column for up to date news of what's happening on the website.  The site is very much under construction as we get ready for the first launch. 

First blog

05/04/2012 23:19
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

Website launched

05/04/2012 23:19
Our new website has been launched today.  Feel free to send the link to your friends.  The site is being constructed so new sections and articles should appear frequently.  Please sign the guestbook!
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